Please take the time to read the server rules. 

We will add more Linked servers as we get a larger player base.

Our new IPs are:
Ragnarok:  - OR-
Valguero:  -OR-
Aberration:  -OR-
Extinction:  -OR-

Admins are online daily. Admins will NOT PvP. The only way an admin will attack you is if you are in violation of the rules, or if you attack an admin, their dinosaurs or their base. Current Admins are: Nastacia and Occie. Admin Tribe Name is "Rainbow Flower Kittens". Moderators are online daily and do not have Admin abilities, but are on the server to enforce the server rules. All Admin or Moderator decisions may be appealed to the server owner Nastacia. However once appealed, the decision is then made final. 

We realize not everyone has time to dump into a video game. Keeping this in mind, we have made our rates on our server 20x for breeding, taming, xp and harvesting. To compensate for such high rates, our difficulty is set to 5x! Maximum player level is 135 (After the additional 15 you get through the instance). Wild dinos go up to level 150 and get an additional 150 levels after tame.

Our loot drops have been thoroughly re-written and are completely 100% unique to our servers! As an added bonus, we have the Classic Flyer mod, bringing back the beautiful flying dinos we all love. Mods are: Classic Flyers, S+ (Which has been modified to be better than any bulk/aa mod out there!), Morestack, Platforms Plus, Better Reusables, Death Helper, Eco's RP Decor, Eco's Aberration, Auto Rewards (in game shop), Zelur, Additional Dinos Valguero, Bitou2k's Binocular, and Dino Storage V2.

741203089 Eco RP 
 1266909337 Eco Aberration 
895711211 Classic Flyers 
731604991  S+ 
719928795  Platforms Plus
566885854  Deathhelper 
716327557  Zelur 
761535755  Ultrastacks 
 1364327869 Better Reusables  
1260983937  TCs Auto Rewards 
1373937944  Offline Guard 
1783308979 Additional Dinos Valguero 
 1136125765  Bitou2k's Binocular 
1609138312  Dino Storage V2 

We will be hosting events every Saturday Night. Events include Taming and PvP. Event ideas are always welcome from the community. All Admin hosted events will always have anything you need provided, you just bring your body, food, water and your competitive spirit! Prizes will be determined based upon the event and will typically be of higher quality than normal items/animals you can find!

We have a community Discord server which everyone is welcome to use.  Please be respectful of people in the discord or you will be banned from it. Any immediate changes, updates or server news will be posted in the Discord first! Please check the PINS on the channels and the Announcements page to stay up to date!

Last update: 7/15/19